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Welcome to James Dobson Elementary School!

Message from the Principal

The past year witnessed incredible feats at Dobson. I’m not just talking about the staff’s amazing effort during the Spring to continue engaging, teaching, and showing their care for all the school’s students during an unprecedented time. Their talent, energy, and commitment were never more apparent, but the same passion and ability had been on display daily in the preceding months. Meanwhile, students were performing their own incredible feats each day. It was a joy to watch them explore, grow, discuss, perform, create, collaborate, and understand how to act with respect, empathy, and integrity. While the 2020-21 school year opens in a manner we would not prefer, we remain steadfast in maintaining that trajectory as a school and – more importantly –  steadfast in making sure your student maintains their own soaring trajectory as a young person. We also remain committed to helping the students understand how they can make a positive difference in their community, a mindset needed now more than ever. The teachers have been working tirelessly to prepare for the year ahead. They are ready to ensure each and every student continues to be seen and cared for and that they are able to access all the opportunities they deserve to learn and grow. It is our pledge to you, and we will realize it. Together.


Tom Szczesny, Ed.D.


Our Vision

Dobson students care for their community. They act with respect, empathy, and integrity in order to make a positive difference in the world around them.

Our Mission

Dobson seeks to shape students to act as stewards of the future. By creating opportunities for students to take action, students understand the ways they can contribute to positive change.