Early Dismissal and Attendance Policy

Early Dismissal

All early dismissals must be initiated in the Main Office. Photo ID must be presented when signing out a student. Only the parent or an adult listed on the emergency contact form on file in the office will be granted access to the student.

PARENTS may NOT go to classrooms to pick up children. Please note that early dismissals will not be granted after 3:15 PM.


Regular attendance is essential to a student’s success in school. If a student is not present in school, they are not present for their teacher’s instruction. The following reasons are the only recognized excuses for school absences:

  • Child illness
  • Death in family
  • Religious holiday
  • Recovery from accident
  • Required court attendance

Students must bring in a note within three days following their absence explaining the reason for the absence. A doctor’s note is required once an absence for illness goes beyond three consecutive days &/or the student is absent on eight or more occasions. Excessive unexcused absences are reported to truancy court.

Click HERE for the school district’s quick guide to attendance.