School Supply Lists 2023-2024

Kindergarten, 101 – Ms. Landis

1st Grade, 104 – Ms. Straface

1st Grade, 108 – Ms. Rubenstein

2nd Grade, 107 – Ms. Heyward

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Autistic Support, 106 – Ms. Coble

3rd Grade, 208 – Ms. Linder

4th Grade, 206 – Ms. Silverman

5th Grade, 209 – Ms. Rodriguez

3rd – 5th Grade Emotional Support, 202 – Mr. Shuster

3rd – 5th Grade Autistic Support, 203 – Ms. O’Donnell

– Middle Years Academy (6-8) – 

Ms. Bell, Ms. Fullam & Mr. Mulvey

6th – 8th Grade Autistic Support, 313 – Ms. Antrim


Only materials related to a student’s education should be brought to school. Please do not bring anything to school that is not a school supply, including cell phones. If a student brings a cell phone to school, it must be turned off during the entire school day and in the student’s book bag. THE SCHOOL WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, DAMAGED, OR STOLEN DEVICES.