Student Code of Conduct

Dobson students are expected to follow the School District of Philadelphia’s Student Code of Conduct. All students are given a copy in September and it is reviewed with them during the first month of school. For more information please click here to view the School District Code of Conduct.

SWEBS (School Wide Effective Behavior System)

Dobson has developed a School Wide Effective Behavior System (SWEBS).  Clearly established routines and procedures, coupled with a universal Code of Cooperation, consequences and rewards are all part of establishing a culture of learning based upon respect and rapport.

SWEBS is a team based process including a broad range of systematic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes.  It prevents problem behavior of all students at the school-wide, classroom, non-classroom and individual levels.  Class Dojo points are given for following the Code of Cooperation and exhibiting the 7 Habits.  Students are rewarded with points from staff members and may use their earned points for special privileges.

Dobson Code of Cooperation

  1. A Dobson Leader is proactive and follows school procedures at all times.
  2. A Dobson Leader sets priorities by following directions the first time given.
  3. A Dobson Leader puts first things first by being prepared and on time for class.
  4. A Dobson Leader values differences and respectfully listens to create a peaceful environment.
  5. A Dobson Leader creates win-win agreements with a positive attitude, kind words, and courageous actions.

Fun Friday

Fun Friday takes place every other Friday, the last period of the day.  Each teacher sponsors an activity and each student can choose an activity in which they would like to participate.  Students must earn Fun Friday by accumulating enough Class Dojo points.  Additional points are often used for a dress down day.

School Uniform

Student at Dobson School are to wear clothes that are navy, white or khaki. No jeans are allowed. No logos are allowed. Undershirts are not appropriate if worn alone. No headgear (hats or scarves) of any kind is allowed. Jogging pants are only allowed on gym days. When weather indicates a need for particularly warm clothing, sweater, sweatshirts, etc., must be solid navy, white or khaki.

On gym days, student MUST wear sneakers and navy jogging pants or navy athletic shorts. If shorts are worn, students must change into skirts or long pants. Students may wear plain white or navy Dobson t-shirts.  Any  Dobson Athletic t-shirt is acceptable on gym days. Dobson t-shirts are preferred. Without the proper uniforms, students cannot participate in gym class.

Middle Years Academy – In addition to Dobson uniform colors, MYA students may wear MYA T-shirt (maroon with student designed logo) to school with appropriately colored pants. Shirts will be available for ordering in the fall for $10 each or 2 for $18.

Electronic Devices

Dobson follows the Philadelphia School Distric’s policy on Electronic Devices brought to school. This includes cell phones, iPods, gaming machines, and electronic games. Forbidden items will be confiscated by the teacher and turned into the Principal with the student’s name. Consequences will follow the Philadelphia School District policy.