Early Dismissal

All early dismissals must be initiated in the Main Office. Photo ID must be presented when signing out a student. Only the parent or an adult listed on the emergency contact form on file in the office will be granted access to the student.

PARENTS may NOT go to classrooms to pick up children. Please note that early dismissals will not be granted after 2:30 PM.


Regular attendance is essential to a student’s success in school. If a student is not present in school, they are not present for their teacher’s instruction. The following reasons are the only recognized excuses for school absences:

  • Personal illness
  • Family illness
  • Religious holiday

Students must bring in a note following their absence explaining the reason for the absence. Excessive unexcused absences are reported to truancy court.

School Uniform

Student at Dobson School are to wear clothes that are navy, white or khaki. No jeans are allowed. No logos are allowed. Undershirts are not appropriate if worn alone. No headgear (hats or scarves) of any kind is allowed. Jogging pants are only allowed on gym days. When weather indicates a need for particularly warm clothing, sweater, sweatshirts, etc., must be solid navy, white or khaki.

On gym days, student MUST wear sneakers and navy jogging pants or navy athletic shorts. If shorts are worn, students must change into skirts or long pants. Students may wear plain white or navy Dobson t-shirts.  Any  Dobson Athletic t-shirt is acceptable on gym days. Dobson t-shirts are preferred. Without the proper uniforms, students cannot participate in gym class.

Middle Years Academy – In addition to Dobson uniform colors, MYA students may wear MYA T-shirt (maroon with student designed logo) to school with appropriately colored pants. Shirts will be available for ordering in the fall for $10 each or 2 for $18.

Classroom Visits

Dobson believes families are partners in their student’s success. Family members are welcome at the school, but those interested in visiting their students’ classroom must be authorized prior to their visit. Once arranged, the principal or a designee will accompany the family member to the classroom for a short stay to ensure minimal disruption. Thank you for your cooperation.

Student Expectations

Dobson students care for their community. They act with:

  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Integrity

Positive Behavior Incentive Systems (PBIS)

Teachers at Dobson use PBIS to encourage and reinforce the habits we want students to learn. Teachers work together to plan special events (trips, Fun Fridays, celebrations) for students that earn the privilege of participating. Opportunities often allow students to explore Philadelphia, such as through trips to the Zoo, Schuylkill Valley Nature Center, Independence Historic Park, and more. The special events themselves will be opportunities for students to socialize, have fun, and celebrate their accomplishments.

Expectations for earning those privileges are communicated to students and families, and regular updates on student progress toward those goals are also given. Families can expect frequent communication with teachers through Class Dojo.

Electronic Devices

Dobson strongly discourages students from bringing cell phones and other electronics to school.


Only materials related to a student’s education should be brought to school. A phone is available in the main office for students if an emergency should arise and students need to call home. Families can also reach a student with any urgent message by contacting the school’s main office. They should NOT contact their student directly via the child’s phone during the school day.